Mango Three Chilli Pepper Sauce 420gm (111127)

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380g - Bottle \n \nSalsa elaborated on a basis of mango and a mix of three carefully chosen chilies, this product gives your dishes a touch of Mexican elegance and can be used as a salad dressing or to prepare sweet and sour dishes of the Chinese cuisine. For healthy snacks use it as a dressing for raw carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and other vegetables. \n

Authentic Mexican Recipe Ideas:

  • Excellent choice for Oriental food, such as shrimps with coconut, fried pieces of chicken or pork and beef with vegetables and peanuts
  • \n
  • Huapango style salmon: Spread some butter into a heat-resistant container, then place the salmon loin with it’s own skin and pour the Hupanago salsa over it.  Put it in the fridge for half an hour and the cook it into the oven or microwave for a few minutes.
  • \n
  • Quick Wok:  Fry in a pan small pieces of chicken breast, add a bag of frozen oriental vegetables, cook until ready.  Add enough Huapango salsa for a flavorful dish. Stir, serve and enjoy!
  • \n
  • Specially recommended for green leaves salads.  Try adding goat cheese, thin pear slices and pistachios.
  • \n
\nINGREDIENTS: \n• Sugar, water, mango, vinegar, corn starch, corn oil, three dried chili mix, garlic, xanthan gum, citric acid, salt

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