Tostadita White Corn 9cm 250gm (110819)

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250g per pack (about 22 units) \n \nDeep fried tortillas become “tostadas” that are used as a base for the traditional Mexican dish with the same name. \n \nAn ideal entree, our tostaditas are 9cm tortillas deep fried in the best quality Rice Bran Oil. \n \nThe basics to a good tostada are: \n
  • a layer of refried beans (black or bayo)
  • \n
  • a layer of finely chopped lettuce
  • \n
  • a layer of pork, chicken, shrimps or mushrooms
  • \n
  • a layer of your favourite salsa
  • \n
  • a dash of queso fresco or feta cheese
  • \n
\nie. \n \ntostadita-new

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