Due to the Corona Virus we will be implementing strict pickup and delivery measures. This is to ensure we protect the health and safety of our team and customers and in turn keep the supply going! 
We ask that all customers comply with this process, if at any time the health and safety of our staff or customer is at risk we may be unable to supply your order.


  1.  Place your order online by 4pm for pickup next day.  
  2. An SMS/Email will be sent to you confirming that the order is ready to be picked up. 
  3. Once received, customers will need to park in the designated parking bays in front of Door 1(LHS of the office building)
  4. All customers MUST not remain in the vehicles whilst parked in the parking bay, please send a return SMS when you have arrived stating your vehicle registration number and make your way to the pedestrian safety zone beside the warehouse door.
  5. A representative will bring the stock out to your vehicle for you to double check.
  6. Please check it and you will be on your way!



  1.  Driver will call ahead to inform you that the delivery is on its way. Please let the driver know where to place the stock. 
  2. Our driver will place the order in the spot you’ve suggested along with an invoice. 
  3. The driver will then text you once they are back in the vehicle. 
  4. You will be free to collect your stock.  

Shipping turn around time: 2-3 Days from the day of order.

Our team will be in contact to advise you of the delivery date.